Author: Senan

  • Review: Jurassic World (2015)

    When I first heard there was a new Jurassic Park movie in the works I was immediately excited. That excitement was quickly replaced with worry. Would Jurassic World (directed by Colin Trevorrow, executive produced by Steven Spielberg) be any good, or would it ruin an era- (and childhood) defining classic? Don’t worry, they got it right. […]

  • Review : Spy (2015)

    Spy stars Melissa McCarthy as Susan Cooper, CIA analyst-turned-agent, thrown into the field to do a job nobody else can. Shenanigans ensue. When director Paul Feig’s last film, The Heat came out, everyone raved about how funny it was, how great it was to see a female driven comedy that was genuinely funny, and how good […]

  • The Only Loser is Democracy

    It must be great to own the news. Not necessarily be the news, but own it. Own the channels of distribution that give the public their knowledge, and in doing so, be the de facto gate-keeper that decides what knowledge becomes public in the first place. Now, presumably you must have some serious amount of money and power to […]

  • The Presidential Referendum

    I recognise this isn’t necessarily going to be the most popular viewpoint. In fact I recognise that this viewpoint might not even be shared with the other contributors to this blog. I feel there’s a more obvious socially expected standpoint when it comes to the Marriage referendum than the Presidential one, it is after all […]