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  • Interview with Shane Daly

      With the Andy Lee world title defence on the horizon, but not bloody close enough. David O’Connor caught up with Shane Daly, (seen on the left of the photo) head trainer at St Saviour’s boxing club to pick his brain about all things boxing.   Right, let’s break you into it nice and gently, […]

  • Well, it’s nonsense isn’t it?

    I suppose it was a slight folly becoming a sports contributor on a new website at the beginning of the summertime. The soap opera that is top flight European football and the bruising beauty of European rugby are in hiatus. I am not in the humour to discuss GAA as Limerick’s summer is over at […]

  • Further Down the Rabbit Hole

    So I was wrong, Sepp has fallen and I suppose it makes sense that it would take a law enforcement agency, from a country that doesn’t like football all that much to bring down the governing body of the sport. This outsourcing is a theme that we should look into when the rebuilding or replacing of […]

  • Blatter Splatter

    So, cowardice and avarice win out again at another Fifa election. Sepp coasts over the line with support from his allies in the football power houses of Monserrat, Tonga and Papua New Guinea. How did Blatter manage to manage to get re-elected? He is a misogynistic, ego maniac who is completely out of touch with […]