Author: JenM

  • The Pen and The Sword

    I love and loathe the law in equal respect and often for the same reasons. More often than not, the judicial system is quite clear on the confines in which we as a society must act. Sometimes, and this is where the love/loathe relationship really comes into play, the law is a complicated mistress, where […]

  • How did Hitler and Stalin get brought into the Marriage Referendum debate?

    I’m attempting to remain rational, coherent and as always, see at least two sides to an argument. I’ve failed. Miserably. And I don’t care. As my colleagues here have already posted; there is a referendum (two actually but I’m focusing on one for now) looming, lurking, skulking like an angry bear with a hangover on […]

  • MacIntyre did not chose wisely.

    Media is perception. Media is PR. Oh how I am loathe typing the above sentences. There is no denying it. There is no news story that reaches your eyes and ears that hasn’t been tailored to extract the maximum reaction from the target audience. If it’s in print media, sub-editors eagerly thumb through their battered […]

  • What women don’t want.

    I don’t want quotas. Enda Kenny may want them. Other women may want them. I don’t.  I think it’s a farcical idea. It’s an insult to women. In my mind it’s akin to a harried husband saying “yes pet” to his wife while she’s listing out the domestic chores he must complete on a Saturday […]